Photograph of Jonathan Clem

Jonathan Clem

Software Engineer
Brooklyn, New York

Hello, I’m Jonathan. I live in Brooklyn, New York with my wonderful wife, Amanda. I’m a Software Engineer at Magic. Before that, I was most recently employed at GitHub, where I worked on parts of GitHub Copilot, foundational UI work, Actions, and Projects.

Prior to GitHub, I worked on infrastructure for Dropbox Paper, where I spent a surprising amount of time focused on web performance in the browser. Prior to that, I co-founded a company called Canvas, which was a collaborative editor for teams. At Canvas, I learned a great deal about building and leading engineering teams, but I also developed a strong interest in the technologies that power collaboration software, such as operational transformation and conflict-free replicated data types.

Before founding Canvas, my first serious job in the technology industry was at Heroku, where I was a member of the web apps team. In particular, I’m proud of having lead the drive to rewrite the Heroku Dashboard Rails application into a nimbler, faster, Node.js-backend Ember.js-frontend application.

I do not tend to write much, but you can see my posts in the writing archive.